Wednesday, June 4, 2008

....Lots of projects going on at the same time, to wit:

1) Rourke, a friend and tractor guy, scalped an area yesterday in preparation for digging our second irrigation pond. For the next three days that will be happening; I'll report back once I've been involved in that one.

2) Electrical conduit needs to be laid from the barn all the way up a steep hill, up to the site of the cob house the interns are building. Matt dug out a deep trench that goes probably 500 feet or so, and I shoveled the loose dirt out of it yesterday. We're looking to hire someone to lay the conduit.

3) The common building. John, our general contractor, is working with Matty, a neighbor of ours who's also a carpenter, on the building. I believe at this point they've got all of the upright beams -- 18' and 22' poles that're 12" in diameter -- secured, and they're starting to put brackets on top of them so that they can start laying on the beams that will support the rafters. This weekend I helped sand and apply wood finish to a few of those beams. There are tons of beams left to sand and finish.

Ok, I'm off to babysit Jo and Rosie's daughter Ocean. More later.....

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sarah said...

Hey Danny! I just found your blog on the BHS reuinion website! I'm so glad you aren't alone on the mountain any longer.