Sunday, January 25, 2009

Laying the foundation for the Solarium

A crew came to dig the trench for the foundation of the solarium, which catches the southern exposure at the common building. This is as far as they've gotten so far.

Lean-to construction, creekside

The roof will be corrugated metal; this is corrugated clear plastic which went up on two spots on the lean-to as skylights, adding some natural lighting.

Lean-to construction, backside

This is the back part of the lean-to, connected to the barn, which wraps around the creek-side of the barn and will be used to store all kinds of materials -- pallets of cement, soil amendments, wood, etc. Our barn is currently packed with materials and we can barely walk around in it, so it will be quite a relief when this project is done. Ryan Stanley and Judd Owen, two of our neighbors down the road (who also work at Out of the Woods, a local outfit which does forest restoration and milling), are building it (with Ryan doing most of the construction), using wood from trees that have been thinned from forests in our watershed. The roof and the siding should all be put on the last week of January. The last shot here should really be the first, as it was taken before the roofbeams were put on.

Our Dawg

The farm dog, Coda. We got her this summer when she was just a puppy. Here she is waiting patiently for us as we talk about something. I'm not sure I've seen a dog sit that way before...

Installing the Walk-in

Sid Layton came to install this 6 X 8' walk-in refrigerator, which will store bread that Jo and Rosie bake for their "Rise Up Artisan Bread" business this year. This was at the beginning of January, and most of the process is chronicled here, in several entries; scroll down the page for awhile to see the thing slowly go up....
John and Autumn tacking down the wood which holds the panels in place until they all got installed.
Another view of the panels before being unloaded; I just like this shot because it looks like the orange strawbale cottage is tipping to the right, which is weird but cool.
The panels laid out before being installed...I think there were about 10 of them all told.
The first panel...

More walk-in installation shots

Friday, January 23, 2009

Installing the Walk-in -- more shotz

Installing the Walk-in -- more shots.

Preparing for the Roof

Shots of the decking for the roof covering the mill room, bread oven, walk-in refrigerator and other storage areas in the common building. Matt Garrity, carpenter on the left above, took the four shots below

Preparing for the Roof

...These shots show the joists/decking being put on for the roof that will cover the bread oven, mill room and other storage areas of the common building. This was done toward the beginning of January.