Sunday, January 25, 2009

Laying the foundation for the Solarium

A crew came to dig the trench for the foundation of the solarium, which catches the southern exposure at the common building. This is as far as they've gotten so far.


Anonymous said...

Danny! Looks like you all have been very busy - so much construction. Is there still a lot of building going on now? How's the flower CSA taking off? The school bus home looks beautiful. love, Marci

Danny Farmboy said...

hey marci!

yes, we have been busy. after a financial hiccup, we are back at work -- there's a lot more construction work to do on the common building, as well as other projects to do on the land.

the flower CSA is going, albeit slowly -- i've ordered seeds and have a rough idea of the planting schedule, and i have two friends who've signed up as customers -- i have to do some more outreach to find more folks willing to pay for a subscription; hopefully the economy will get better.

i'll have some pictures of the schoolbus with my things in it, all homey-like.

i miss you,