Sunday, March 29, 2009

More drywall

Above: The utility room downstairs.
Above: The solarium. The ceiling has the beginnings of the tongue-and-groove, as you can see; the walls will have drywall. I believe the plastic is a moisture barrier, but I'm not sure
Above: The library/meeting space.
Above: The circuit box next to the bread oven.
Above: the cubbies for the kids' space upstairs.

Here comes the Drywall

Above: the office upstairs.
Above: the entrance to the office.
Above: kids' space/upstairs hallway.
Above: Mill Room.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And even more random shots

Above: the school bus I live in, with lots of carpet padding down for extra insulation (it has beautiful bamboo floors that I've covered up temporarily). Below: my mom's beautiful hand-crocheted afghan.

Above: Eden, Ryan and my cat Sukey (on right) planting trees and shrubs for the hedgerow.
Above and below: an arbor is going in front of these french doors; the post holes are dug. More to follow....Below -- Matt, John and John.

T & G for the cupola

Above: Autumn cutting tongue-and-groove for the cupola while Silas (below) installed it.

Insulating the mill room, utility closet

We were scrambling to do the last insulation before the drywallers came. Above: Grayson, a neighbor over at Boone's farm, helping with the roof of the mill room.

Above and below: The utility closet, where the water heater's gonna go, before and after the blue jean insulation.

And more random shots

Above and below: The door to the farm reefer.The door and all the panels came from Tassajara Zen Mountain Center near Big Sur. Tassajara is part of the San Francisco Zen Center, an organization that includes zen centers in San Fran and Marin. All of the Full Bloomers lived at the Marin center, called Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, and participated in the six-month organic farm & garden apprenticeship there. A few of us also lived at Tassajara for awhile. Anyway, having Tassajara's old reefer is a sweet reminder of our connection to the place. I also have some catnip and lily starts from Green Gulch.
Below: a look at the wall separating the kitchen from dining room; the horizontal studs will support shelves that'll be built once the drywall is in, and there's plumbing at the bottom.

Above and below: Rosie stoking the stove of the wood-fired bread oven, which has become quite wet because it wasn't totally protected until it was recently roofed in. It's not coming up to temperature quickly enough, so we're gonna have to do some sustained firings over the next several weeks.

The drywall ingredients arrive

The truck with the drywall panels arrived. They had to use a crane to move the panels going upstairs over to the deck where they could be carried in.

Farm Reefer, Packing shed retaining wall

Above and below: The trench for what's going to be a concrete retaining wall that will prevent soil from eroding away from the spot where the farm's packing shed's going to be.

Above: the foundation for the reefer, before the concrete pour.

Some More Random Shots

Our good friend and neighbor Ben Yohai, who's also an organic farmer, putting in some strawberry plants in front of Ryan and Eden's Cottage. He also put in several fruiting trees and shrubs there.
L-R: John Mehta and Matt Champol installing the belly band that surrounds the building

Above and below: the bench on the redwood deck. John Mehta installed it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The wood stove

This is our wood stove. It will actually be removed later so that Autumn can tile the surface below it, but it was installed so that the piping to the ceiling could be put in (below). We'll probably start firing it soon to heat up the building, see how it works....

Trim around the Solarium Windows

Can you believe he's got his shirt off? In March? We had a spell of warm, sunny weather, which has been great. This weekend the rain comes again. Anyway, Silas is installing cedar trim around the windows, matching the window trim on the rest of the building.

O and Jo

Jo and Ocean hanging out around the barn.....