Saturday, March 28, 2009

And more random shots

Above and below: The door to the farm reefer.The door and all the panels came from Tassajara Zen Mountain Center near Big Sur. Tassajara is part of the San Francisco Zen Center, an organization that includes zen centers in San Fran and Marin. All of the Full Bloomers lived at the Marin center, called Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, and participated in the six-month organic farm & garden apprenticeship there. A few of us also lived at Tassajara for awhile. Anyway, having Tassajara's old reefer is a sweet reminder of our connection to the place. I also have some catnip and lily starts from Green Gulch.
Below: a look at the wall separating the kitchen from dining room; the horizontal studs will support shelves that'll be built once the drywall is in, and there's plumbing at the bottom.

Above and below: Rosie stoking the stove of the wood-fired bread oven, which has become quite wet because it wasn't totally protected until it was recently roofed in. It's not coming up to temperature quickly enough, so we're gonna have to do some sustained firings over the next several weeks.

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