Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The redwood deck frame


Jonathan said...

Hi Danny,
Great to see the work on your Gardens of Dreams blog. I hope you are as grand as the structures you all are creating. I love looking at thethe mountains, the snow, the flowers and the other great nature shots you have taken. wrote you a bit by email.

susan jokelson said...

As ever, Danny, am impressed w/ the growth & progress of the farm. Just
sent off yesterday by snail mail a letter in response to yr email.
Love ya,

Danny Farmboy said...

Thanks, Jon and Mom! I'm glad to see you enjoyed the photos. I'll be posting another round soon...

Steve C. said...

Danny, thanks for keeping us posted on what is going on at the farm. Beautiful work and all of you should be very proud. We will keep checking in.

Steve C.
(Ryan's Stepdad)