Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prepping for a Hedgerow

See the bottom for a description....


A hedgerow is a strip of trees and shrubs designed to protect areas from wind damage, as well as provide an insectary for birds and nectary for insects. Some of the plants we put in will also be edible for humans. A big part of this particular hedgerow is a "fedge", which is a zigzagging fenceline, along which there will be many edible plants that goats can nibble on. We're planning on getting goats in the future.

This hedgerow is on one side of the Common Building. The first step involved laying out flags marking the fedge, as well as poles marking fruit/nut trees we're planting. Then Matt came in with a tractor and added piles of compost, which I spread out roughly evenly over the whole strip. Then I added rock dust, another fertilizer.

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