Sunday, March 8, 2009

Roofing the Mill Room/Oven area

I didn't actually capture the roofers puttin' on the roof, but this is what it looks like; a separate company came and installed the smokestacks for the bread oven. I like this above picture because you can see, in the reflection of the chimney, one of the carpenters walking on the redwood deck he's building.
The shorter chimney is actually a fan for blowing steam out of the bread oven. The taller one is for the smoke. On the ground floor, on the concrete on left, you can see silvery back of the walk-in refrigerator, which was soon after closed in by a wall.
Workin' on the chimney....
Above and below: tarpaper on the roofs of the solarium (above) and mill room/bread oven area. The solarium still hasn't been roofed.

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