Thursday, March 12, 2009

Restoration work

Above and below: you'd have to click on these pix to blow them up and see properly, but this is the area below our barn, with a small pond and lots of blackberry growth. Blackberries are an invasive exotic that we are attempting to remove by cutting back repeatedly and burning the canes; with repeated cutting, the roots eventually wither and can be pulled up easily. This area has been cut back/burned, and replanted with native trees and shrubs, each plant being mulched heavily with a circle of straw.

Last three pix: the "landfill" area below our barn, an area prone to landslides that we filled in with junk (wood, metal, etc.), covered with soil, mulched with straw and then planted with native pines, cedars, and shrubs. Below, a young cedar I planted; below that, a young ponderosa pine tree.

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