Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cobbage and Weedage

A little bloggage on a Tuesday morning.....

-- Spent yesterday afternoon applying plaster to our new cob structure. Cob is an amalgam of clay, sand and straw. The first coat of plaster is clay that's been sifted more finely, along with chopped straw. The last coat of plaster will be sifted clay and sand, which will have a really nice, smooth finish. I'm not sure what color they're gonna choose for the structure. Anyway, I spent four hours up on a ladder slapping this muddy plaster onto the tops of the outside walls, then smoothing it out. It was fun playing with mud.

This morning I was up early pulling star thistle. There are so many invasive exotics that are growing around, and we are really trying to get control of this particular one, this year. We came thru and weed-whacked star thistle in a huge section of the the property a month or so ago, then came back and weed-whacked it again, and now we are pulling small sections of star thistle. We are technically not supposed to weed-whack anymore because of the danger of fire -- same goes for chainsaw work.

OK, that's it for now.....

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