Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day plastering the common building

Eden (far left) working with the plaster crew on one of the outside walls...
Freshly-made plaster headed to the building -- a combo of chopped straw, sand, water and sifted clay.
Brendan of the plastering crew, who was doing the mixing.
Jo throwing clay at the screened sifter.
This should've been the first photo; it's Justin, head of the plastering crew, spraying a very thin coat of the plaster mix onto the straw. Then the crew came back and applied the first real coat. Unfortunately, it is so late in the year that this coat won't have time to dry thoroughly until next year. It should be enough to protect the strawbale insulation from moisture though.

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MUD said...

Thank you for sharing your progress. I have wanted to build a straw bale houe for a long time. I love the combination of logs for the frame and some engineered frames parts. I am not sure that clay will work well here in Kansas (too much moisture). I may wind up with a SIPs structure but it is fun to watch your house being built. How did the Blue Jeans insulation compare in cost to fiberglass or sprayed in insulation. MUD