Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bread Delivery December 2009

I did some deliveries for Jo and Rosie's Rise Up! Artisan Bread company. Above is the checklist of the drops to make; below, the goods -- "JCS" stands for "Jacksonville Country Store" and "RCS" stands for "Ruch Country Store". The calculator is for calculating how much $$ in buybacks the bakery has to pay the stores each week.

Above: Baguettes for the Ashland Food Coop and other various breads. The mainstays are ciabatta, ciabatta with rosemary, goat cheese sourdough, sourdough levain, multigrain, spelt, olive levain, fig sourdough, apricot sourdough, the baguettes and a few more I'm not remembering. Below; the full load of bread for the day. This doesn't include the 60 loaves of ciabatta the bakery usually delivers to Lark's, a fancy restaurant in Ashland.

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