Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Party, Part Nine

Above: Eden with her mom Sheldon, hanging out in the mill room. Below, L-R: K.C. Welch & Chris Beekman. K.C. painted the interior of the building. K.C. and Chris are both in our weekly men's group.

Above: Click on this to blow it up -- the sun peaking thru the overcast sky. We had a ton of thunder and rain during the party, on and off, which was awesome. Below: Siana, daughter of Ben and Kristina, good friends of ours and neighbors.
Below: Ben Yohai (L), father of Siana and one of my good friends. He's also in our men's group, and runs a small organic farm, "Wandering Fields," nearby. Pictured here with Luke & Aaron (described below).

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