Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Party, Part Seventeen

Above, L-R: Luke, Greg (w/Thea) and Aaron. Luke & Aaron are friends who run Black Oak Forestry, a local outfit that manages fire risk by removing brush and selectively thinning forest. Greg is a teacher in Ashland who used to live out in the Applegate with Thea and his wife Rachel.
Above: a shot of the dining room...
Above, L-R: Matt Garrity, his mom and Heather. Matt is in our men's group and worked as a carpenter on the building; he lives in Williams. Heather is the partner of K.C. Welch who painted the interior walls of the building. She came up from Sonoma for the weekend.

Above, L-R: Dave Lefkowitz and Andy Jokelson. Dave is a local who's doing a film doc comparing the back-to-the-land movements of the sixties and now. He interviewed my dad here, who was up from Berkeley with the rest of my family.

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