Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Party, Part Seventeen

Above, L-R: Luke, Greg (w/Thea) and Aaron. Luke & Aaron are friends who run Black Oak Forestry, a local outfit that manages fire risk by removing brush and selectively thinning forest. Greg is a teacher in Ashland who used to live out in the Applegate with Thea and his wife Rachel.
Above: a shot of the dining room...
Above, L-R: Matt Garrity, his mom and Heather. Matt is in our men's group and worked as a carpenter on the building; he lives in Williams. Heather is the partner of K.C. Welch who painted the interior walls of the building. She came up from Sonoma for the weekend.
Above, L-R: Steve Isser and Drew Mebane. Steve is one of my oldest friends, going back to the '70s when he moved up to Ashland with his family from Berkeley. He and his wife Anita came to celebrate here with me and see the developments happening. Drew is a new friend, a great guy who lives in the area.
Above, L-R: Dave Lefkowitz and Andy Jokelson. Dave is a local who's doing a film doc comparing the back-to-the-land movements of the sixties and now. He interviewed my dad here, who was up from Berkeley with the rest of my family.

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