Monday, December 8, 2008

Advert for my new Flower CSA biz

Hey y'all,

-- I'm starting a certified organic cut flower CSA in the Little Applegate, and I thought I'd post the email advertisement I just sent out to folks; if you're local and you know of someone who might be interested in buying a subscription for next season, please paste the message below into an email and send it to them. Thanks....

Hey there neighbors,

My name is Danny Jokelson, and I live at Full Bloom Farm, a certified organic farm on Yale Creek Road in the Little Applegate. I grew organic cut flowers and made bouquets for the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative CSA in 2008, and I am starting my own organic flower CSA delivery business for 2009. This is a chance for you to support local, sustainable growing practices and give a holiday gift to yourself, or to friends and family, of a season's worth of fresh flowers. If you're concerned about growing consumerism and its effects on our planet, this is a wonderful, ephemeral and biodegradable gift. I'm enclosing some photos of the flowers I grew this year to give you some idea of the possibilities; there will also be many new varieties next year.

Here's what I am offering:

  • 15 weeks of flower deliveries during the summer and early fall -- roughly early July through mid-October, depending on the weather. It's likely that the first 13 weeks of flowers will be fresh, and the last couple weeks will feature everlasting flowers for fall & winter arrangements.
  • Each delivery will be an offering of 4-5 different bunches of individual flower types, allowing you to make your own arrangements to place around the home.
  • Deliveries will be once a week and will come straight to your home. I can go as far east as Jacksonville and as far west as Applegate, and all points in between. I can deliver to Williams too, if a critical mass of folks are interested out there.
  • The cost is $15/week, which includes fuel costs for delivery; the total package for the season of 15 weeks comes to $225. There is a $15 discount for paying in full before April 1st.
  • A less expensive U-Pick subscription option is this: For $100, the subscriber receives a metal can at the beginning of the season, which they can bring with them to Full Bloom farm and fill ten times ($10/time) -- all ten in one visit, or ten separate times, or anything in between.
  • The cost can be defrayed over the course of the season. If payment in full at the time of sign-up is not workable for your budget, you can pay half the money when signing up, and give me a postdated check for July 1st, 2009 for the other half.

And that's it! I love growing and offering flowers, and I would love to provide that service for the community. You can reach me via email at, or call me at 899-3262. Take care, and have a wonderful holiday season.

In Peace,

Danny Jokelson

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