Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And more shots of the same day

Above and below: Aria working on a king-sized quilt for her mother; if you click on the above picture you can see the white stitches which keep the front, back and inside sections together, so they won't move around while Aria does the work of sewing each square in place later. This quilt has another year to go before it's finished.

End of day: Roarke Ball wrapping up his transit and other tools after doing earthwork at Full Bloom.
I just liked this picture of the 'dozer sitting comfortably on top of the earth Roarke just moved.
In addition to burning blackberry brambles, the forestry crew cut down a couple of huge snags; you can see one of them down, and Aaron is about to cut down the other one still standing. I tried to get a shot of it falling -- it was pretty awesome to watch -- but somehow the camera didn't record it. We had to remove these snags to prevent future damage to future potential buildings, in the event of the snags falling down on their own.

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Anonymous said...

That's a skip-loader, not a dozer- forgive Danny, he's new here :)