Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A workday around Full Bloom

The common building with some nifty earthwork from Roarke Ball, a friend and neighbor who does most of these kinds of projects around the valley. He created more space around the common building for a patio, landscaping, etc., as well as creating a space for a stage/lawn area, and a few other modifications.
L to R: Ryan and Judd, friends and very close neighbors, who started work on the lean-to being build onto the barn, for more storage.
The beginnings of the lean-to, which will wrap around two sides of the barn; this one is on the creek side.
Another, further shot of the common building, the earthwork, and one of Roarke's 'dozers.
A crew of foresters, from Black Oak Forestry, was also here; they've spent weeks thinning/burning brush and thinning some of the trees, and on this day they were at work burning blackberry brambles, an exotic that is all over the land, especially around the creeks. This spot is right below the barn, where Quartz Creek is about to cross under the road.

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