Sunday, May 3, 2009

A day at Dennis and Leslie's

Dennis Meiners is a ceramic artist. Leslie Lee is a painter. They live nearby on Upper Applegate Road, and built their own house and studio. We've become good friends. I was over recently to help garden and watch NBA playoff basketball, and asked if I could photograph the place and their artwork, which they were more than happy to acquiesce to. They also asked me to mention that their place is up for sale, if anyone is interested in moving up to the area. It's a pretty fabulous spot. Above: some of Dennis' work, including vases that hang on the wall. 2 pictures below : Leslie's painting, with Dennis' ceramic frame. They were getting ready for a huge show in Portland, churning out a ton of work at the time I was there.

Above: Dennis' ceramic mugs, just taken out of the kiln; below: Dennis and Leslie at the kiln, just after a firing.

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