Sunday, May 3, 2009

Morningstar Gardens

I've been getting to know Sioux Rogers, who lives in a beautiful place called Morningstar Gardens, on Thompson Creek Road in Applegate. Sioux's husband J.D. cultivates heirloom apples -- his orchard has the widest variety of any in the valley -- and edits The Applegater, a local newspaper. Sioux writes a column for the paper and cultivates the amazing gardens around their house, which are quite extensive. I've gone over there a couple times in the last month, to help out with the garden exchange for 4" pots, rose cuttings, columbines, lilies and other extras she was willing to give me, for my own flower field/garden. It's been a real pleasure going over there.
Below: one of the heirloom apple trees, espaliered.

...You can really get a feel for the beauty of the garden here if you click on the pictures. I'll be coming back to photograph more (and pick up a few more plants) as more flowers begin to bloom....

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