Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Farm Day at Boone's Farm

Every May the Siskiyou Cooperative CSA has a day at Boone's Farm, to raise awareness about sustainable farming practices and attract members. Three Full Bloom businesses participate in the CSA -- our farm, our bakery, and my flower-growing biz. It was a beautiful day. I took a tour of the goat dairy and learned a ton about goat husbandry and cheese-making. There were samples of lots of local products that're part of the CSA -- "Wake Up Coffee," a local roasting company run by friends of ours, among others -- as well as live music, tours, and generally hanging out.

The first shot is of the baby goats; second is the milking parlor; third is Melissa Mathewson (right), who works at the OSU farm extension office as well as running Barking Moon Farm, a local organic farm and egg producer, along with her husband Josh Cohen (fourth picture), who's also in the men's group I go to on Tuesday nights. The last picture is of Kimberly, who along with Don Tipping runs Seven Seeds farm, a wonderful organic farm in Williams that grows for the CSA, as well as growing seed contracts and running their own seed company, all permaculture-style. Kimberly's pictured here with their son, whose name I can't remember, petting some baby goats.

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