Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cobbin', Rise Up's Oven, plus pix of Eden and Danny's Flower/Herb Garden

Hey there,

I've included a few pix of the flower garden Eden and I have been cultivating the last several months. I wish I could find the connection between my camera and my laptop, because I'd like to take some closer photos of individual flower and herb patches, to give you a better look. But I'm thankful that my brother Paul was up here and took these pix for me. You can click on them to get a closer look....

....I've done a fair bit of work on the cob structure this week. I patched some holes in the wall with a clay/straw mix; smoothed out some of the uneven strokes of ceiling plaster with a sponge; applied earthen plaster to part of a wall; sifted clay and sand for future plaster use; raked out alot of cob that had accumulated on the floor, then leveled the floor out, dampened and tamped the floor down, added sifted road base to the floor. This coming week I'll be doing a few little things -- sifting the remainder of the clay and sand piles, wiping down the wooden rafters and applying wood finish to them, then taping their edges. The following week James, the teacher who led the cob workshop here in June that built this structure, is coming in with a crew, and they will apply the remainder of the earthen plaster on the inner walls, paint a lime wash plaster on the ceiling, and lastly, they'll put in the cob floor, now that it's all level and everything. I'm hoping I get to be involved with all of that, but I have other projects I need to work on too.

...The other big piece of news is that 2 men from Spain have arrived to install the brick oven in the common building. It's called a Llopis (pronounced "yo-peeth," or "yo-pees" if you're using a Latin American accent), and it's a special oven, costing around $50K, that is wood-fired and will be the oven for Jo & Rosie's bread-baking business. It's pretty awesome, and I will be helping provide the grunt labor for the two technicians, Juan and Francisco, who seem like pretty cool guys. I wish I spoke Spanish. Anyway, I'm hoping I can figure out my camera problem because I'm gonna take pix of the progress of the project, to show y'all.

Finally, it looks like I'm on for a presentation on Full Bloom at the Green Arcade, the new bookstore on Market & Gough that my mom's friend is opening. It looks like I'll be doing it around the 22nd of October. I'll report back when the date is for sure; I'd love to see friends and family there that night, if they can make it.

That's it!

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