Friday, September 19, 2008


Cob structure, beginning to be plastered. The plaster's made with 3 gallons beach sand, 1 gallon of some grey sand, 4 gallons of sifted clay from our land, 2 gallons of flour paste (flour/hot water), and coloring, in this case a mix of terra cotta and a yellow. This all got mixed in a small cement mixer we rented, along with water.
This is Megan, one of a crew of folks who are coming down from Portland to do the strawbale insulation on the common building. They also have all kinds of other natural building skills, so they came up to the cob structure on Thursday to plaster.
Lydia, the head of the Portland strawbaling crew, plastering one of the windows. I'm still working on figgerin' out my camera; the flash wasn't going for these pictures, so there's some distortion going on.
Another window in the cob structure; I just liked the light reflected on the wall and sill...
...James, who led the workshop that built the cob structure this summer. He's been back alot since the workshop ended to continue finishing the building, and supervised us in the plastering work.

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