Monday, September 8, 2008

More garden pix


Hey there,

We took these on one of our Wednesday morning flower harvests for the CSA account that we have. Eden's the one lying demurely in the truck; then there's a picture of me & Eden's Aunt Marge, a florist/horticulturalist herself who helped us one Wednesday morning, and gave us some good tips about flower cutting/storage. For instance, it's good to have flowers put in vases with warm water and sugar. And always cut the bottom of the stem at an angle, so that the plant can continue to take up water/nutrients when it's standing in a vase. Another more obscure one is that if you cut milkweed (we have a showy variety called "silky formula mix"), you should singe the bottom of the stem to keep the milky residue from seeping out.

That's it; have a great day....

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